John Balman


5 years as a Helpdesk Tech, Web Developer/Designer. Has worked with computers since 2005. Worked with C# .net , html, CSS for the last five years. Received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2011, was ask to join Need to know Designs the same year.

Contributions to this project:

  • Uses HTML, CSS to make the templates for your use.
  • Leverages JavaScript to perform client side validations through extensible JSONs
  • Works with team members to ensure that your site looks and feels that same across multiple devices and browser types.
  • Assists the Custom design team when needed.
  • Enabled Need to Know Designs PayPal interaction.
  • Developing Amazon Payment Acceptance Interaction Services


Top Other Project:

Wobby (Wide Open Bookmarks)

Creating shareable, subscribable, and community bookmark listings

Other Projects:

10-D Security

2019 - Present
Lead Software Developer for Upgrading existing Accdb app to Dot Net Core Web Applications

Insight Global Contractor

2017 - 2019
Supported Army MSAF Website.


2016 - 2017
Support Army MVC Training Website.


2015 - 2016
Supporting JMATS Program


2012 - 2015
Support Ariba upstream Spend Management

KC Kidney Consultants

Worked with HTML form Generation and client side validation

Michael Fielding blog

I helped with developing and implementing the biography and biography summary modules for this site.

Online Practice Test Generator

Currently work on developing a Web Based application for Exam prepration and practice

Ad Blocking via hosts file

2012 - With an initial push to block ads from my Browsing exprience and to limit Browser load time I was able find and Host file that blocks most Ads. When I shared this with Mr. McCrory, he took it one step further by successfully blocked all ads from Hulu, many other video viewing websites, and some other trackers as well. While not all ads can be blocked at the domain level, Mr. McCrory does have instructions inside the file on how to block Pandora ads from playing inline as well, but you have to do this at your internet router through specific URL filtering.

There is an optional section, that blocks some facebook items, as Mr. McCrory, doesn't believe in facebook.

To use, determine where the hosts file is on your computer, and how to run an editor as administrator (if needed), then copy and paste the contents into your hosts file and save. You will then have blank spots where ads used to be. Feel free to contact me if you come across more sites to be blocked.

You should also see Mr. McCrory's Developer page for and nice Chrome extention that allows for more continuous Pandora play.

Available Here